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How do tradeasy timetables work?

The broker server hour is always a confusion topic since it is usually different than our country hour.

Moreover, if you are using tradEAsy to establish schedule based rules, the confusion will be bigger.

For that reason, in this article, we are going to clearly explain the broker and tradEasy timetable.

GMT schedule reference #

We should start with the GMTstandard time. As you all know, each country uses a reference hour according to GMT.

In the case of Spain, the time is GMT + 1 in winter and GMT + 2 in summer.

For example, right now it is 16:35h in my Spanish local time while I am writing this article, we are in winter, therefore the actual hour is 16:35 in GMT + 1 and in GMT + 0 is 15:35h.

If I connect with the broker, I can see that the time is 17:35h. That means that my broker uses GMT + 2 schedule.

This GMT + 2 schedule is the common timetable for 90% of the brokers that work with FOREX.

It is not a coincidence, Forex market, in winter, starts Monday at 00h in GMT + 2 timetable (in Spain it corresponds to 23h). While in summer the Forex market goes to GMT + 3. In Spain we also change the hour, therefore, there will always be the 1-hour difference between Forex market and Spain.

Once explained this, clarify that tradEAsy works with the Forex common timetable, that is GMT + 2 in winter and GMT +3 in summer.

  • NOTE 1: this winter/summer schedule reference is applied to historical data, so it ignores whether it is summer or winter in the validating moment. That does not matter!
  • NOTE 2: as a reference, simply take into account that tradEAsy parameterization will be 1 more hour that Spanish local time.
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