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Can I operate automatically without knowing how to program?

A lot of times we think about automatic trading as something complex and out of reach for those traders who do not know how to program.

That is because technology is a barrier that does not even allow consider this type of operation for those who do not know how to implement it.

Nevertheless, there are different solutions that can cover this necessity.

Freelance #

A freelance is a person who has experience in a specific sector, who works independently offering online digital services usually to individuals.

There are a lot of freelancers that you can find on the internet to request for your automated systems.

  • Automatic systems for metatrader: MQL5
  • Other freelancers sites for other platforms: Codementor


  • They tend to have low hiring costs.


  • You should work the requirements well to avoid confusion.
  • They do not usually have a commitment to the client.

Programmer partner #

A programmer partner is a person who will work with you in automatic trading. In this way, a professional bond and a work methodology are created that allows you to create and validate trading strategies in an agile way.


  • You can cover the necessities of implementing a system in exchange for the commitment with the partner.
  • More agile development.
  • High project implication.


  • It is difficult to get a programmer partner because it is necessary a certain level confidence from the beginning.

Learn to program #

If you have basic programming notions, learning a language to do automatic systems will be easy. Nevertheless, if you have never programmed before, it can be a complex and frustrating task, that can take you more time than expected to finally achieve the ability.


  • Knowing programming you become 100% freelancer for automatic trading.


  • Learning to program from scratch requires a lot of time and dedication.

Automatic systems creation platforms #

This is a hybrid solution between knowing how to program and needing another person.

The automatic systems creation platforms are software the allow the user to define and implement his trading strategies without any programming knowledge.


  • Be able to do it without knowing how to program.
  • The agility of implementing automatic trading without depending on another person.


  • The platform will not allow a lot of specific rules.
  • They can be difficult to understand.

In summary, from all different types, using a platform for creating your automatic system we think, most of the time, is the most optimal way. If you decide on this option and you are looking for a tool that allows you to create automatic systems easily, you can start your tradEAsy free trial here.

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