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Advantages of automated trading

Automated trading ha a lot of advantages compared to manual trading, next we will explain some of the most important advantages.

Operate 24 hours #

Let your robot work for you while you are in the office, sleeping, or on holiday. Assign specific rules for you to buy and sell according to market milestones.

No emotional factor #

Robots have no emotions, and that is the best quality you can have in trading. Avoid taking decisions in the heat of the moment and lose all your money. Assign the rules beforehand to your system and let t operate automatically.

Better risk management #

Easily and automatically configure risk management settings for the algorithm to calculate how much capital it can risk.

Quick and effective testing #

Use backtesting tool, historical data that shows us how a robot would have behaved at a given time and asset. Use demo accounts to see the behaviour of the robot according to the current market idea.

Easy diversification #

Adding different assets involves a few configurations, and you can even leave all the different operations running at the same time. On the other hand, in manual trading, controlling more than one asset at the time can be an almost impossible task.

Minimum dedication #

By operating automatically, you spend less time on each of the activities that are part of the process, which is decisive for obtaining better results.

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