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Which is the course syllabus?

The formation consists of more than 30 videos, a total of more than 400 minutes of content divided into 6 modules. You will be able to access the material anytime you want.

Module 1: Introduction to automatic trading #

  • Definition
  • Basic concepts
  • Expected value
  • Automatic trading routines

Module 2: Automated systems structure #

  • Automatic trading rules
  • Reading frequency, timeframes and assets
  • Filter and trigger conditions
  • Types of strategy in automated trading
  • Examples
  • Methodology

Module 3: Implementing an algorithm #

  • How is an algorithm?
  • How does it work?
  • How to build an algorithm
  • Learn how to program/ contract a programmer/ use a builder

Module 4: backtesting validation #

  • Backtesting definition
  • Analysis result
  • Statistical report
  • How to make a backtest

Module 5: System activation and tracking #

  • How to activate a system?
  • MT4 Expert Advisors
  • How does VPS work?
  • How to track an automated system?

Module 6: Final tips #

  • Do not use systems you do not know
  • The importance of validating
  • Risk management
  • About optimization
  • Uncorrelated asset distribution

If you want to know information about the course, you can consult it on the following page:

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