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How to use more than one metatrader simultaneously?

Occasionally the automatic trader operates more than one account simultaneously, so they have to use more than one metatrader, to diversify different strategy types or to leave a demo account and a real one.

However, MetaTrader only allows you to use one account at a time. Moreover, if we try to execute the new MetaTrader to open a second, that will not work, and it will only allow us to use one MetaTrader.

In this article, we are going to explain the way to use more than one MetaTrader on the same computer.

Step by step #

For doing so, we are going to do the following 10 steps.

Step 1 #

We are going to locate the Metatrader direct access that we have on our desktop. We click the right bottom above the direct access, and we click on the open location.

Step 2 #

Now we are in the folder where we have Metatrader installed. What we are going to do is a copy of Metatrader. For doing so, we must exit the folder with the backwards arrow.

Step 3 #

Once in the previous folder (we normally must have it in program files), now we must select our MetaTrader folder, right-click and press copy. Straightaway, righy-click (on the blank background) and we press paste.

Step 4 #

It is possible that when copying Metatrader a warning pops-up saying that you need system administrator permission. If this is the case, you must press continue. If the message has not appeared, just ignore this step.

Step 5 #

Now a progress bar mus appear that show you that Metatrader is being copied, as you can see below.

Step 6 #

Once finished, you must have a new folder with the same name followed with “-Copy”. You can change this name or leave it as this.

Step 7 #

Once at this point, we will have our Metatrader copied. What we will do now is creating direct access in our desktop. To do so, we enter the new metatrader folder, we look for the “termina.exe” file and right-click, copy-

Step 8 #

Finally, we go to the desktop, we click right button, paste direct access. This way, a new icon with the duplicated Metatrader is created.

Step 9 #

Now we have it ready! We have 2 metatrader, so we can have both executed simultaneously. Take into account that you must introduce the credentials once the new Metatrader is created.

Step 10 (optional) #

By default, a name and icon appear that you may want to personalise. For the name simply click on the direct access and write the name you want.

If you want to change the icon, you can do it right-clicking, properties, change the icon. In the change icon pop-up window select examine. In the change icon pop-up window, select examine. Now you must find your Metatrader folder. It will normally be in C:\ProgrameFiles(x86)\”New Metatrader name”.

When you enter, you will see a .ico file (icon file). If you select this one, you will already have your direct access with the changed icon.

Considerations #

If you want to have more Metatraders you can do it following the steps all over again. Take into account that each Metatrader is going to consume your laptop memory, so keep an eye that your laptop does not saturate, because that could affect your automatic trading performance, or even block it.

To verify CPU consumption, from the magnifying glass next to the windows icon, you can search for “taskmgr”. From there you can see the % of CPU consumption. It is recommended to keep it below 50% to make sure no saturation exists.

We hope it has been useful.

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