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What is automated trading?

Automated trading is an operation where market orders are executed without human intervention, following previously established rules.

Scheduled rules #

Automated trading works with programming code. That is why it was not available to everyone until tradEAsy arrived, it helps you define the automated trading systems without knowing how to code.

Unlimited validations #

The rules of automated systems are always the same. Thanks to this, and to technology, backtesting can be done, that are validations to simulate the results of your strategy with historical data and therefore see the behaviour they would have had and the orders and result that it would have obtained. That way you can see if it is the expected behaviour and if it adjusts to your investor’s profile.

Works 24/7 #

Rules will be connected to the market at all times. You will have your strategies constantly connected to the market, without losing any investment opportunity and without being to be always on the lookout for the best opportunity. That way, you can work and devote your time to other things while the robots operate for you.

Operation free of emotions #

The automatic systems have already defined when to enter and exit the market. This is an emotional relief for the trader, which in turn generates an improvement for his income statement.

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