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How can I add a third moving average?

Tradeasy has an element to evaluate the price crossover with respect to a moving average, or the cross of two moving averages.

Nevertheless, even that the element to evaluate three or more moving averages does not exist, the truth is that we can configure one rule to do that. It is enough with combining several moving average elements.

For example, where we want to make buys when the average of 50 has crossed over the one of 100, moreover, the average of 100 must be over the average of 200.

To do that, we will use the element price crossover MA. in this element, we will set the fast average of 50 and the slow average of 100. This element will be our trigger (when it happens, it will give a signal).

On the other hand, we will require that the average of 100 is over the one of 200. For that reason, we will use the element of price average crossover and we will drag it into our rule (we will know have two identic elements). In this case, the second element will have the configuration of the 100 fast average and the slow of 200. Moreover, we must consider that this will not be our entry moment, but it will be useful to filter the signal, for that reason we will configure it as a filter.

That way, we will have configured a system of 3 averages: while the average of 100 is over the one of 200, we will filter/allow buy entries, being the signal at the moment that the average of 50 crosses the average of 100 (trigger element).

If we wanted to do it with 4 moving averages (25, 50, 100 y 200), then we will need 3 elements:

  • Average crossover 25 and 50 (trigger)
  • Average crossover 50 and 100 (filter)
  • Average crossover 100 and 200 (filter)

And successively with all the moving average you want 😊

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