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How do the points work on tradeasy?

When we set an element where you have to define points (for example profit pips), we must have clear how much each point means in our asset model.

For that, here you have a table that details the price of each point and the equivalence in the entire forex point or pip.

AssetDecimal accuracyPrice of each pointEntire point (or forex pips)Point in tradeasy (to make each pip or entire point)
DOW JONES20.011,00100
S&P 50020.011,00100
AMAZON INC30.0011,001000
MICROSOFT CORP30.0011,001000
APPLE INC30.0011,001000
FACEBOOK INC30.0011,001000

The fields defined in the table are:

  • Asset: makes reference to the asset about which is going to perform the simulation.
  • Decimal accuracy: here is shown the decimal number in which asset is listed. For example, the EURUSD is listed with 5 decimal accuracy (1.20391), while IBEX is listed with 2 decimal accuracy (8058.20).
  • Accuracy of each point: in this filed is shown the price that equals to each point defined in tradeasy. For example, if EURUSD has 5 decimals, each point will be equal to 0.00001, while as IBEX has 2 decimal accuracy, each point equals 0.01.
  • Entire point or forex pips points: here is shown the value of entire points of the asset. For example, when we listen that IBEX has increased 50 point, (from 8,008 to 8,050 points). In the case of the forex, it refers to pips, for example EURUSD has increased 25 points (from 1.20501 to 1.20751).
  • Point in tradeasy to make an entire point or pip: in this column we define the necessary point in tradeasy to make an entire point. For example, if we want to define 50 entire IBEX points, and IBEX has an accuracy of 2 decimals (0.01) then we will need 5000 points of 0.01 so that it becomes 50.00 entire points. In the forex case, if we want to set 25 pips and each pip is 4 decimals, and the points’ accuracy is 5 decimals, then we will only have to multiply by 10, that means 250 points to define 25 pips.

Equation summary:

Point in tradeasy = value in entire points / point price

Equation example:

50 entire IBEX points / 0.01 point price = 5,000 points in tradeasy.

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